Wonderful Wedding Show ~ 2010

My how time flies…..it’s time for the Wonderful Wedding Show again!  

As far as photographers go it can be super confusing as the WWS has something crazy like 32 photographers in it.  You’ll see a wide range of talent, skill and of course pricing.  It can be overwhelming!  One person charges $500, the next $5000….what’s the difference?  If you really take a good look you can spot the difference a mile away.  Unfortunately, there are a lot of people who feel they can make a fast buck in the wedding photography industry.  The fact that they really don’t any talent or skill doesn’t matter to them – after all anyone can push a button right?  

I’ve written several articles for publications both for the general public as well as fellow photographers.  To save you a ton of reading here, please follow the link below to a few of the articles you may wish to read of mine about what to look for in hiring a photographer…and more importantly, what you need to avoid and why. 

I’m not just saying all of this because I want you to hire me for your wedding (I want you to, but that is beside the point!).  I’ve seen just one too many brides in tears bring me their digital files they got from some cheap photographer who “shot the wedding” and handed them a disk of files.  She hates everything that was done and is now upset because she has no memories of her wedding…..but she saved a few bucks upfront.    What good is paying a few dollars less if you hate what you get?   I don’t car how good a deal it is…if I don’t like the product in the end you overpaid.

Ok, enough rambling here!   Stop by the Impact Photographic Design booth if you are attending the show.  Hopefully we can meet and talk a little in person about your needs and how we can fulfill them for you.   

Our booth is located on the second floor – booth “S40”       I hope to see you there!

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Every bride will receive a gift bag when she enters the Wonderful Wedding Show.  Look for this certificate from Impact Photographic Design in the bag and remember to register it by phone WITHIN 7 DAYS OF THE SHOW (by January 24th, 2010).  Every bride who registers her certificate by that date will receive a free portrait session from Impact Photographic Design as well as an Estee Collection – a minimum prize value of $200.  Your session can take place at any time within 2010.  You can use this session for engagement portraits of the two of you, family or child portraits, maybe something special of yourself to give to your fiancé, etc.  The possibilities are endless and no further purchase is required.    

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