Pizza Eating Contest

So when I landed in LA I picked up my rental car and immediately headed for Hollywood Blvd.  I was hungry so I hit a pizza joint – Big Mama’s & Papa’s Pizzeria.  The food there is good, but that is not why I am writing about this place.  They are known for the biggest deliverable pizza is the world!  The signs says 36 inches but they are up to 48 inches now I believe.  They have to send a person to make sure the pizza will fit through the gate and the door before allowing people to order it!

What really is wild is that they have a running contest.  If six people can finish off the pizza in two hours they win  several hundred dollars.  Well, let me say “many are called…but few are chosen. 🙂   Apparently every couple days there is a group trying to win the prize – which as of the time of these photographs had not been accomplished yet.  

When I was there a group of 20 year olds (ish) were confident they would be the first!   So much so they were talking a lot of trash about how easy it would be, what they would do with the money, etc.  You would have thought that when they were signing the insurance waivers it would have clicked in as how difficult it was going to be….

Well,  talk is cheap as you will see from their faces as they soon could not eat another bite!  Funny, the big guy was the light eater of the bunch.  Mr. “Flexing for the camera” was the big talker!  When he hit his personal wall,  he turned green and look very ill.  To his credit he never did throw up….. while I was there.  Then again I left when it was obvious these guys were all talk and no stomach so there was plenty of opportunity for him to do so after I left.  I did see him eyeing the big garbage cans outside the doors rather longingly! LOL

As funny as this is, please remember one thing – those of us that are lucky enough to live in first world countries can joke around and enter eating contests while millions elsewhere in the world are starving to death.  What these guys threw away could make a huge difference in other peoples’ lives.  This is not a knock on these guys or the pizza place itself.  I just wanted to make sure people keep it in perspective.   

June 13, 2010 - 4:06 AM

aro - Thank you for the article Bruce, pizza contest now is for 7 and a group won already once, this is the link:

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