Speaking in Saskatchewan to Professional Photographers…

I recently returned from putting on a 1/2 day seminar (I needed more time actually) on photographic lighting and composition to the Saskatchewan chapter of The Professional Photographers of Canada.   Today with so many new photographers entering the industry, the average level of ability of people in the industry is dropping like it’s been thrown off a cliff…when in reality with all the advancements in digital technology it should be shooting skyward like a rocket.  What’s going on?  Simple, owning a fancy camera makes you no more a photographer than sitting in your garage makes you a car.  Composition and lighting are two of the corner stones of good photography, with body mechanics being the third (for people photography at least). Ever since I entered into the industry I have always placed a strong emphasis on composition, creating striking images with graphic lines, leading the viewer through the image as I wish them to see it.  I’ve developed a system I call “SLDP” over the years which plays a major roll in the way I photograph. Couple that with dynamic lighting and all of sudden you have a striking image for people to look at and admire.

Below are a few images of my program in Saskatoon.  Another speaker, international destination wedding photographer David Beckstead came up to me afterwards and told me how much he enjoyed my program.  Another long time photographer complimented me by saying it was the best presentation on composition he has ever seen in 30 years.  It’s always great to know your work and knowledge is appreciated and admired by your peers.  This week I’m off to Vancouver to judge the  photographic competition of British Columbia’s Chapter of the Professional Photographers of Canada.  It’s a little hectic, but it’s great to know you are looked at as someone who others wish to learn from.  That just makes me want to do even better work for my own clients.

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