Mensa Driving Exam

Monday night right after I was announced as the double winner of the Model in the House Competition, I had to leave quickly  because I had a portrait session to do. I  had a couple who had never had an portraits of the two of them done before, so we decided that we needed to do something a little extra special for them.     We started of doing some portraits at dusk,  but the majority of the images I created for them  were done after dark.  I used buildings logos signs as light sources, apartment door lights,  a flashlight – just different stuff to give them the funky style they were looking for. 

For the last part of the session I drove them to a warehouse in the exchange area.  There were some stairs that I wanted to have them on and I was going to use my headlight on my SUV to light them for the  portrait.  Problem was…  my headlights lights were hitting them too low. Instead of standing on the stairs, I needed to have them sitting.  Even with that, I  needed to back-up my vehicle to raise the beams t to where I wanted the light.   So I look in my rear view mirror….nothing!  I look in my side mirrors…nothing!  I EVEN shoulder check both sides to be triple sure…there is NOTHING behind me…or so I thought!  I put my vehicle in reverse, and kinda rode the break back a couple feet until hear a “CRUNCH!”  “ That didn’t sound good!”  I said to myself.   As my window was open the couple who were still on the stairs as I placed them….. agreed with me.  So we all  heading to the back of my SUV to see what that sound was.  Well, for some  reason, some old rusty/yellow 18”ish piece of metal was sticking out of the ground directly behind my left tail light – just inside my vehicle body so there was no way I could have see it.  This thing was a one of a kind, as nowhere else anywhere within sight was there a another one.  It was as if sometime long, long,  ago somebody decided to remove a short metal guard rail, or fence of some sort, etc  …but decided to leave this one little piece of metal as a marker so future generations who came to that exact spot would realize that civilization had in fact been there before them.  Just my luck, some archaeologist wannabe –  in his infinite wisdom…. trashed my bumper!  In the words of Oscar from Corner Gas “what a Jackass!”

So instead of working on clients orders Thursday morning, I get to go see a MPIC adjuster about getting my bumper replaced.  Isn’t life fun???  🙂

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