Let There Be Light….er at least after the RAIN!

As you may or may not know, Steve Hiebert (of Personal Expressions Photography) and myself are the instructors at Impact Seminars.  As we have two upcoming programs on lighting with speedlights we went out on Saturday and did some “After Images”.  By that I mean that some of these images will be printed and will be made available for the attendees of the two lighting seminars to see.  It’s difficult for everyone in a large class to see the back of a digital camera, so by creating images ahead of time and printing them those in the class can see what the final results will look like while we are demonstrating the techniques right in front of them.
Of course we had “intended” to demonstrate the use of Speedlights outdoors in conjunction with available light – controlling the available light, over powering natural sunlight, etc…but just as we finished setting up and were “just about” to start photographing this couple the heavens opened up and down came the rain.  Keep in mind I said rain, not “showers” or “sprinkles”….RAIN!  Thank you Mother Nature (maybe she was peeved because she knew we didn’t get her anything for Mothers Day the next day).  Ok, so after a quick race to get all our gear out of the monsoon… we decided that we would change locations (good plan me thinks!).
This site being an indoor covered parking area allowed us to use speedlights full on just as if they were studio strobes…which is also part of both seminars.  So, here are a bunch of sample images for the seminars you may find interesting.  Keep in mind they were all created with handheld flash units (Nikon), even when in conjunction with a studio softbox.
If you are interested in taking the Speedlight  Seminar or any other photography classes form rank amateur to pro level check out the “Seminars” section of my main website.
May 11, 2011 - 7:42 PM

Marlene Fast - Absolutely amazing what you can do with these lights! I will send people your way – having learned from you in the past, I can vouch that you definitely give a great program!

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