I’d like you to meet Tejas…..

In case you can not tell from looking at the photographs Tejas is a majour dinosaur fan!   As I found out, dinosaurs have changed drastically since I was in school.  Back then, there was something like maybe 6 different types of dinosaurs.  Yea well…not anymore!  Apparently archeologists have gone a little crazy with their picks and shovels and have discover about a gazillion more.  Seriously, Tejas is not even 4 years old and can list them all off.  Not only that I believe he owns every kind currently know to ever exist!  While others kids his age want to hear about the “Three Little Pigs” or “Jack and Jill” as their bedtime stories, Tejas pulls out his Dinosaur Encyclopedia (seriously) and begs to hear things like:

“Believed to be a member of the Abelisauridae family of dinosaurs,  Xenotarsosaurus lived during the late Cretaceos Period.  He was first discovered because of fragmentary remains discovered in Argentina. 

July 5, 2010 - 11:49 PM

Amber-Lee Kamke - These ones are amazing! You truly captured his love of dinos in a fun way!

January 14, 2010 - 9:32 PM

Marlene Fast - These are just wonderful, Bruce! I love all these images – but especially the 2nd one – but the 3rd one is my all-time favorite! I’m sure mom was thrilled with these portraits – and Tejas will forever remember how much he loves dinosaurs!

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