A True Canadian Dog! (or is that “Canadien”?)

Meet Bower and his parents Ashley and Jarrett.    

As you may have guessed Ashley and Jarrett are big hockey fans and they named their four legged friend after Johnny“The China Wall” Bower – the Hockey Hall of Fame goaltender from the Maple Leafs.  Ashley and Jarrett wanted some couple portraits of themselves but of course we also had to include their 8 month old bundle of energy Bower. We started out at the forks with more casual/relaxed portraits, and then we decided to do something a little different.   We went to a local community club and did a little tribute to the great game of hockey (the pre-Betmann era!).  Jarrett collects vintage hockey jerseys and the three of them each put on a jersey from three of the six original teams – Montreal, Boston and Detroit. Bower got to be the great Guy Lafleur (yes I know a dog named after a famous Maple Leaf player wearing a “Habs” jersey is sacrilegious enough…but a Guy jersey to boot will have Harold Ballard rolling over in his grave!)  Well, it was pretty funny seeing Bowers’ first time on a skating rink and I don’t think he was too found of the Canadiens jersey (obviously – he’s a Leafs fan!).  We had some fun around the rink and we discovered that Bower might suffer from separation anxiety as he needed to be close to his mom and dad at all times.  Mind you who could blame him….do you remember the first time you tried to keep to your feet on a skating rink? After all, Bower’s still a puppy at only 8 months.  Let’s just say Bower has plenty of time to live up to his name sake in the ice!       

Or should it be…GO BOWER GO!  



January 26, 2010 - 6:16 PM

Marlene Fast - These are just wonderful! I think I’m in love with Bower – what a sport!

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